тулан.JPG (251992 bytes) Tula offensive operation 1941, 6-16.12.

Offensive of Soviet forces on the left wing of Western Front from the northeast of Tula and right wing of Southwestern Front from Elets area successfully begane. The Shock Groups of 49th and 50th of Soviet Armies have put strong impacts  from the northwest to the 2nd German Panzer Army, 1st Soviet Guard Cavalry Corp from the north, 10th Army of the general F.I.Golikov from the east. On December 7, forces of 10th Army released Michailov and Silver Ponds. The real preconditions for German's encirclement and rout its forces on the southeast of Tula were created. However this opportunity did not manage to be realized. 2th German Panzer Army with persistent fights of a beginning to depart in a general direction to a boundary of the river Upa. The retreat of German forces was noticed. Soviet Commander of Western Front, having specified tasks, has ordered the main efforts of 50th Army directed on the south to Schekino; 10th Army- come on Bogoroditsk. Soviet forces on December 10-11, have fastened fights for Yepephan and Novomoskovsk. The enemy rendered fierce resistance. In result the formations of 2nd Panzer Army managed to escape from encirclement formed to the east of Tula. Receding, Germans have thrown a lot of battle engineering.

On the left wing of  Soviet front (10th, 50th and 49th Armies)  were 140 tanks against 300 tanks of Germana. Owing to presence of the large breaks in enemy arrangement on line of action of 10th Soviet Army, and also as a result of a withdrawal it on the northeast of Tula (on line front of 50th Army) the break was hasty engaged by forces of mobile group of the general P.A.Belov. Crossed in counter-offensive forcea of 50th and 10th Armies have not allowed Germans captured the occupy towns.

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