Toropets-Holm offensive operation (January, 9-29, 1942).

January, 9 on the left wing of Northwestern Front Soviet 3rd Shock Army of the general M.A.Purkaev has struck from area of lake Seliger in a direction Holm, Velikie Luki, and 4th Shock Army of general A.I.Eremenko- from area Ostashkovo on Peno- Andreapol'- Toropets- Velizhe. The edge of these impacts fell to a joint of two German Armies - to 16th and 9th. Soviet forces of 3rd Shock Army have left to city the Holm, have surrounded it and entered fight with enemy garrison. 4th Shock Army has crushed Germans in Peno and on January 10, has released city. January 16, after street fights the city Andreapol' was cleared. In German's defense line the gap was formed. January  20, 4th Shock Army started storm of Toropets city. The German garrison 2500 personnel resisted all day, but after roundabout maneuver of the Soviet ski group, was crushed. By January 22, 4th Shock Army has left on a boundary Toropets-Nelidovo.

City Holm, in which 281th German Division on January 21, was surrounded and supply by air, kept in city several months in even more difficult position, being a unique German strong point between Demynsk encirclement and Velikie Luki. In the Holm city, five-thousandth garrison was surrounded by forces of Soviet 3rd Shock Army. Only on May 5, 122th German Division have broken to city.

At the end of January 3rd and 4th Soviet Shock Armies went in submission of Kalinin Front. Continuing to conduct fights on Vitebsk and Smolensk directions, they from the north have made the way in Budny area.

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