naro.jpg (16311 bytes)Naro-Fominsk defence operation 1941, 1-5.12.

With exit of 4th German Panzer Group to the Moscow-Volga channel and 2nd Panzer Army to Kashira, the conditions for German detour of Moscow were created.  But December 1, Germans take impact at the centre of Soviet front. Two German Field Division with 70 tanks have broken through front of 33rd Soviet Army on a defensives of 222nd Rifle Division to the north of Naro-Fominsk. December 2, on a site of Soviet 110th Rifle Division the opponent in second half of day has gone over to the offensive and promoted in direction of Mogutovo. Soviet forces of 113th Rifle Division on 16:00 together with Regiment from 43th Army have led counteroffensive on Klotovo and Kamenskoe with a task, impact in rear of German grouping to facilitate situation of 110th Rifle Division. As a result of this counterstroke, the opponent was routed. Soviet trophies have made 47 tanks and about 50 guns. From the west at Naro Fominsk Germans have directed on Kubinka along a highway, and then to Golitcin and Aprelevka, threatening rears of 33rd and 5th Soviet Armies. At Akulovo village German forces have met wiht 32nd Soviet Rifle Division and artillery fire. It was last German attempt to break on Moscow.

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