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30th Soviet Army should put the main impact from the area south-west of the Volga reservoir in a general direction on Klin, in flank and rear of 3rd Panzer Army.

Offensive begun in the morning of December 6. 30th Army strengthened by six Siberian and Ural divisions, has broken through a German defense to the north Klin. On a direction of the main impact were: 365th, 371th, 379th Rifle Divisions and 82th Cavalry Division. In mobile group of Chanchabidze have left 107th Motorized Division. On the Soviet 30th Army right flank were: 46th Cavalry Division and 185th Rifle Division, on the left 24th, 18th Cavalry Divisions and 348th Rifle Division. In the same time, 1st Shock Army induced a ferry through the channel Moscow - Volga in Dmitrov area. The depth of break, has made by evening of December 6, was 17 kms. On December 7, the break has extended up to 35 kms on front and 25 kms in depth. The impact was rendered on German 86th Field Division and 36th Motorized Division. German Command urgently tightened reserves and has entered into combat 14th Motorized and 6th Panzer Divisions. Soviet general Lelushenko has entered into combat the second echelon - 379th Rifle Division of the colonel Chistov and 8th  Tank Brigade of the colonel Rotmistrov. Having escaped forward, they cut the Leningrad highway near Yamuga village. December 8, 348th Rifle Division of 30th Army have taken Rogachevo.

Soviet formations of 1st Shock and 20th Armies have released the large occupied cities - Yahroma, Belye Rast, Krasnaya Polyana. The forces of 16th Army after the two-day time intense fights have released a settlement and station Krukovo, transformed in powerful defensives. Left wing formation of army have rejected the opponent on Istra boundary.

Map of Soviet offensive in Klin-Solnechnogorsk operation (245 KB)

Soviet 5th Army of the general L.A.Govorova offensive from area Zvenigorod, Tuchkovo, to outcome of December 9, has concentrated by the first echelon in a triangles Nikolskoe, Kubinka, Golitsino. During persistent combat, 50th and 329th Rifle Division forced river and have occupied  northern bank. For impact on rears in a direction of the Trostenskoe lake, was entered 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps of the general L.M.Dovlator (3d Guard Cavalry and 20th Cavalry Divisions). In the second echelone worked 4th Guard Cavalry Division of the K.S.Melnik.

December 11, on the right wing of Western Front the advanced group of 24th Tank Brigade with landing cut the Leningrad highway to the north-west from Solnechnogorsk. 71th Navy Brigade together with 64th, 35th and 55th Rifle Brigades, and also 31st Tank Brigade have released Solnechnogorsk. December 11, the group of forces under command of the general A.P.Beloborodov has released Istra city.

To outcome of December 11:

a) 30th Soviet rmy, forcing down German 1st Panzer, 14th and 36th Motorized Divisions and having occupied Rogachevo, Klin has encirclemented

b) 1st Shock Army, having grasped Yahroma, pursuing departing German 6th, 7th Panzer and 23th Field Divisions went to the south-west of Klin;

c) 20th rmy, pursuing 2nd Panzer and 106th Field divisions, have occupied Solnechnogorsk;

d) 16th rmy, pursuing, 5th, 10th and 11th Panzer divisions, SS Division and 35th Field Division, have occupied Istra;

e) 5th rmy, having broken through a German defense of 252nd, 87th, 78th and 267th Field Division, has occupied area Kulebyakino-Lokotny.

The directive from Commander of Western Front on December 13, with tasks on the further progress:

1) Persistent persecution to finish rout of the opponent and to outcome of December 18, came on front: Stepureno-Ramenye-Shahovskaya-Andreevskoe-Ruza river-Ostashevo-Yasherino-Vasukovo- Klement'evo- Oblyanishevo-Maurino. 2) To Commander of 30th Army must surround by part formations Klin city, main forces of army on December 16, came on front: Turginovo-Pokrovskoe-Teryaeva Sloboda. Ensure the right flank of front (50-70 kms to the west of Klin). To Commander of 1st Shock Army by part of forces to promote 30th Army for encirclement Klin from the south, main forces came on front Teryaeva Sloboda-Nikita (55-60 kms to the south-west of Klin).

The persistent resistance was rendered by German forces on a boundary Istra reservoir, where they created strong defensive. Two mobile groups of the generals F.T.Remizov and M.E.Katukov were created, which have bypassed Istra water barrage from the north and from the south, having ensured force this strong barrage by forces of 16th Army and develop offensive on Volokolamsk. The enemy was compelled hasty and departed on the west. December 15, Klin was released. In fights for city two motorize and one tank German divisions were broken.

During December 20-24, Soviet forces of the right wing of Western Front have achieved a boundary of the Lama and Ruza rivers, where the opponent beforehand has prepared a strong defensives. Here, counteroffensive of Soviet forces of the right wing of Western Front was finished. The threat to Moscow from the north-west was liquidated.

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