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Soviet command has solved intention of the opponent to linger over on a boundary of the Oka river. In order to break German offensive, the Kaluga offensive operation was carried out . To the north of Tula 49th Army of the general Zaharkin has passed in offensive on December 14. It routed group of the right wing formations of 4th Field Army, acting on the east bank of the Oka river, and December 17, have released Aleksin. The offensive on tarusa direction was simultaneously developed. Force the Oka river, the armies of the general Zaharkin on December 18 have fastened fights on the outskirts of Tarusa, and night, having made roundabout maneuvre, rout German garrison.

Having found out, that between receding divisions of 2nd Panzer and right wing formations of 4th Field Armies formed break of width about 30 kms, Soviet commander of 50th Army the general Boldin has decided to lead road on German rears to ensure suddenness of actions at clearing Kaluga. In the specially created mobile group  under command of the general V.S.Popov have come rifle, cavalry and tank units. They moved by woods and on deep snow along the southern bank of Oka. After three day Soviet Shock group has passed 90 kms and by evening of December 20, unexpectedly for an enemy, has left on the southern approaches to Kaluga. In the morning of December 21, 154th Rifle Division attacked railway station. This forces were supported by tanks and 31th Cavalry Division. Kaluga was released on December 30, after heavy fights by forces of two armies of the left wing of Western Front.

The Soviet centre forces of  Western Front, take in offensive on December 18, could break through Germans defene on the river Nara only on the eighth day. December 26, have broken, resistance of the opponent they have released Nara-Fominsk, and in some days Maloyaroslavets and Borovsk.  January 7, forces of the left wing of Western Front stop on boundary Uhnov, Kirov, Ludinovo and have encirclemented German group of armies "Centre" from the south. The forces of Bryansk Front acted on Orel direction. By the end of December they have advanced on 30-110 kms and have reached  boundary of Belev city.

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